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Product Description

Discipleship for Kids offers a straightforward, fun, and empowering pathway to help you teach faith fundamentals to children.

Helping children discover the Christian life can feel daunting and overwhelming. How do we instill a lifelong love for Jesus, God, and the Bible? The good news is that we don’t have to have all the Bible knowledge in the world. Discipleship for Kids helps adults establish a strong faith foundation for the children in our lives. We learn along with our kids, one story and step at a time.

Through this resource kids will learn how to become a Christian, have a strong understanding of Bible basics, and learn how to:

  • Walk with Jesus
  • Love the Bible
  • Pray to God
  • Tell the World

Discipleship for Kids is designed for children to read alone or with an adult. It uses The Wheel, a longtime Navigator tool that provides a clear pathway through the priorities of the Christian life. Each chapter has features from fictional stories to key definitions and from interaction with corresponding verses for the topic and Scripture memory to questions to explore and discuss.

This book is not about simply gaining information so you can get things just right for God. Obeying Jesus? Check! Prayer? Mastered that! Fellowship? Do that every week! Discipleship is never about perfecting the Christian life. It’s about moving forward with Jesus at the center.

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