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Can you identify the key qualities of a committed, passionate, and healthy disciple of Jesus? Chuck Lawless, a respected professor, pastor, and church consultant, discovered that many pastors haven’t thought deeply about that question. He wrote this book to provide answers and transform churches for the better.

Many church leaders know their communities well and who they are aiming to make disciples of Christ. But too often they haven’t thoroughly articulated their goals and painted a vision for what a disciple looks like within their specific communities. In this book, Dr. Chuck Lawless provides a model for church leaders to build committed disciples of Christ.

In Disciple, Chuck Lawless
  • Defines biblical discipleship and explores why church leaders sometimes neglect to teach what a faithful and committed disciple of Jesus is
  • Guides pastors and church leaders in developing an effective discipleship model and process for their churches
  • Explains the potential obstacles to a thriving discipleship program and how to overcome them
When a church is filled with passionate and healthy followers of Jesus, there’s a sense that something special is happening. Are you ready to unleash that power in your congregation?

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