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Devotions for Super Average Kids, Book 2, will help you understand that being Super Average is a fun and adventuresome way to live. You’ll learn:
  • how to not rebuild a fence you accidentally knocked down
  • how to handle bullies
  • how to apologize to your parents for ruining the carpet—again
  • how to stand up for your beliefs
  • how to stay clean (note: it helps if you live near a creek)
  • how to be responsible
  • how to protect yourself from bad things in the world
  • how to read a list of ways to be Super Average (hey . . . you just did that!)
Has This Ever Happened to You?
  • Someone is being bullied and you want to stand up for that person.
  • You’ve convinced your best friend that a bike slingshot is a great idea.
  • You’ve been given a gold ring and carry it to Mount . . . sorry, that’s Lord of the Rings. (Skip to the next one.)
  • After playing video games for six hours, you wonder if there’s more to life.
  • You learned the difference between a kitten and a skunk—the hard way.
  • You’ve had to answer the question “What happened to your eyebrows?”
  • You wonder what God’s plan for you would look like if you lived it out to the fullest.
If you answered yes to anything on this list, then you have what it takes to become Super Average!

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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