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She never thought she would have an affair, but it happened.
How do you set your boundaries with men?
How do you get out of the relationship after you’ve crossed the line?
How can you rebuild your marriage?

Julie Terwilliger tells her story of trusting a mentor who got too close. Each time he took a small liberty, Julie excused it. Soon he was touching her, then kissing her. The next thing she knew, she was having an affair. This is her story of reaching out to God for help and finding the strength to confess to her husband and rebuild her marriage. Find out how the Lord healed her, helped her set boundaries, and move past the shame of failure.

Deceived to Delivered lists the danger signs of sexual harassment and spiritual abuse and explains why powerful people have such a hold on us. Learn what to avoid when you’re tempted to let lies and secrets take over your life. Includes a Bible study to help you or someone you know get back on the road to healing and wholeness.

If you have ever felt abuse, barrenness in any area of your life, rejection, or been deceived in any way, this book will take you through a journey to set you free.

Look for other minibooks in the Freedom Series. These books are for women who need God’s restoration and wholeness after the hurt and destruction of divorce, rape, paralyzing fear, abandonment, abuse, illicit affairs, and other tragedies.

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