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What is Adventures in Odyssey? It’s exciting, character-building audio entertainment for the whole family—brought to life by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. So grab your imagination and find out why over 20 million Adventures in Odyssey products have been distributed worldwide!
Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes
Whit has just unveiled the Imagination Station—a clever contraption that allows people to explore their imagination! Meanwhile, Connie and Eugene accidentally release “Applesauce”—a secret computer program that the evil Dr. Regis Blackgaard will stop at nothing to steal.
Episodes / Themes:
1-2. The Imagination Station, Pt. 1-2 / Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
3. An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper / Compassion
4. A Bite of Applesauce / Obedience
5-6. Connie Goes to Camp, Pt. 1-2 / Obedience
7. Eugene’s Dilemma / Doing What’s Right
8-9. The Nemesis, Pt. 1-2 / Trusting God
10. Our Best Vacation Ever / Family Togetherness
11-12. The Battle, Pt. 1-2 / God’s Protection
Bonus Material:

Inventing the Imagination Station
The creation of Dr. Blackgaard
PLUS fun facts/behind-the-scenes booklet!

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