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In the aftermath of one of the most devastating natural disasters in U.S. history, the city of New Orleans needed a hero.

What they got was a Saint.

After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, the residents of New Orleans desperately needed something—anything—to believe in. And after being told he might never play football again due to a horrific shoulder injury, quarterback Drew Brees needed a team that believed he could still play . . . and win.

What happened next is nothing short of providential.

Drew signed with the New Orleans Saints and immediately set to work rebuilding not only his own career but the city of New Orleans as well. Four years later, he led the Saints to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

A true inspiration on and off the field, Drew has become a symbol of hope—not just to the team and the city he helped resurrect, but to everyone who has ever been knocked to the ground.

Drew’s invaluable insights on unleashing the hidden power of adversity are proof positive that with enough faith, determination, and heart, you can overcome anything.

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