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There are 66 books of the Bible. Enjoy having a quick overview of them all with this easy-to-understand guide. From basic outlines to key themes, see what you need to know about all 66 books of the Bible at a glance! For each book of the Bible, this pocket-sized guidebook covers:
  • Author
  • Topic
  • Quick overview
  • Where and when it was written
  • Purpose
  • Key verse

Whether you're using it for personal or group study, discipleship, gifts for baptism, or as a gift to a friend, this convenient guidebook is light, easy to carry, and can easily be slipped into a book bag or purse.

4 Key Features of Books of the Bible Made Easy Handbook

  1. Introductions to Each Section of the Bible. These quick overviews allow you to see which books are grouped together and why, such as the Pentateuch, historical books, poetry & wisdom books, prophetic books, Gospels & Acts, and Epistles & Revelation.
  2. Easy-to-Understand Overview. Designed using clear and organized headers and sections for ALL 66 books of the Bible, this handbook answers key questions (Who wrote the book? When was it written? Why was it written? How is Jesus present?)
  3. Full-Color Charts, Maps, and Illustrations. Easily glean lots of information with Rose's highly visual format at a glance! See maps of the Middle East in Bible times, charts of each section of the Bible and their focuses, and more!
  4. Pocket-Sized. Whether you keep it in your pocket, purse, book bag, or car, you'll be stunned at how much practical information is packed into this travel-sized handbook!

Perfect for individual and group study, church libraries, Sunday school classes, missionaries, and more!

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