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An Army of Ordinary People contains the key to explosive, transformational, 21st century evangelism. Renowned church planter Felicity Dale shares stories of how God has always used—and is still using—ordinary believers to carry out his work in simple ways throughout the world. Some of these stories are dramatic—people being led to the Lord by the friends who counseled them through drug addictions and criminal pasts. Some are everyday—a dad spending his Sunday teaching Bible lessons to his kids, or a couple inviting their neighbors over to dinner and a spiritual discussion. But in each of them, there is a light bulb moment, when someone just like you thinks I can do that! And as a result, the gospel is spreading . . . and lives are being changed.

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Great stories are great catalysts for change! They inspire us and motivate us to make a difference. That's what makes this book so uses simple narrative but packs a paradigm shifting punch! Each chapter is full of true-life parables and ends highlighting the Kingdom principles that will help an army of ordinary people turn their worlds upside down! I recommend putting this explosive material into the hands of anyone interested in impacting this generation for Jesus!