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This year, get to know the true Jonathan Edwards—and see the hand of God in your own life like never before.
Jonathan Edwards is one of the most respected early American theologians. In Always in God’s Hands, Owen Strachan recovers the real Jonathan Edwards—the thinker, the compassionate father, the courageous reformer—as opposed to the caricature of him that is often presented. Edwards believed God was ever-present in each of our lives, caring and encouraging us in every moment. In a moving letter to his daughter, he reminds her of that comforting truth by describing her as “always in God’s hands.”

Through daily quotes from Edwards’s letters and sermons, this inspirational devotional reveals the soaring theology and comforting spirituality of one of history’s most faithful and gifted pastors. With each meditation, compiler Owen Strachan offers refreshing and relevant insights, encouraging you in your walk with God.

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Jonathan Edwards held an unshakable faith in the sovereignty and active providence of God. The center of this faith was absolute confidence in the goodness of God and His loving relationships with His creation—especially His human creatures. Edwards was a man of unparalleled devotion and an unrivaled mind. The passage of three centuries has not dimmed his words or diminished his monumental contribution to Christian thought. This new devotional by Owen Strachan is a welcome introduction to Edwards’s piety and theological insights. Strachan gives us the best of Edwards’s theologically rich, warmhearted worship of the Savior he loved.