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Beth and Patrick travel to the Holy Land. Patrick joins the wise men as they travel toward Jerusalem. Beth winds up at Herod’s palace and sees the king’s reaction when he finds out about the newly born King of the Jews. The cousins meet up at the palace. Devout Simeon tells them where they can find the baby Jesus. Beth and Patrick set out with the wise men only to discover they’ve been followed by one of Herod’s soldiers. Knowing that death is in store for the Baby Jesus if the soldier finds Him, Beth and Patrick carry out a plan to keep the baby safe.

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5.5 x 8 in.

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My favorite Imagination Station book so far... and my kids loved it, too. It was the perfect thing to read the week before Christmas. Reading it aloud before bed to my 4 kiddos was nice, and it was a nice, new and different way to tell the Christmas story. It felt like we were there as Beth was holding and playing with baby Jesus. It touched all of our hearts.

“I was hiding in the throne room when you met him. And I was there after you left. I heard his plans. We have to warn Mary and Joseph! Baby Jesus is in danger.” Beth tells Patrick in Marianne Hering and Nancy I. Sander’s The Imagination Station series book, "Danger on a Silent Night." At one hundred and thirty-eight pages, this twelfth in the series paperback book is targeted toward ages seven years old and above at second to third grade reading level. With no profanity, sex, scary scenes, or violence, it reiterates gift-giving is about showing love and honor. Illustrator David Hohn includes over a dozen black and white drawings throughout the storyline. At the end of the book, there are two questions and answers and a secret word puzzle, with authors and illustrator’s biographies. In this tome, it is Christmastime at Mr. Whittaker’s store where two cousins, Beth and Patrick, visit. When Beth insists she is not giving or making any Christmas gifts, Mr. Whittaker sends them away in the Imagination Station time-machine in his workshop. When Patrick arrives at his destination, he is surrounded by a camel caravan arguing about drinking water from a well and sees young Apellus do a magic trick. Beth ends up as a servant girl in Jerusalem at King Herod’s palace, befriending Julia. Patrick tells Apellus he is looking for his cousin and agrees to go with them as they follow the bright star in the sky. They stop to see King Herod, where Patrick tries looking for Beth but misses her. Meanwhile, Herod’s mean Brutus does not like Beth so Julia talks to her uncle Simeon who has seen the new King of the Jews. He tells Beth to go to meet up with a traveling caravan en route to Bethlehem. There she finds Patrick and Apellus but Brutus follows them. Apellus, Patrick, and Beth trick Brutus from finding where Joseph, Mary, and Jesus are staying and later Beth gets to hold the Baby while Patrick watches Him. Even though Beth gives Jesus a toy lion from Julia, she feels unworthy. When they go back in the Imagination Station to Mr. Whittaker’s store, Beth learns that giving does not have to be about money, but giving love, care, and honor to others. Although the book is a fabrication of the true story of Jesus’s birth, it teaches that Christmas is really about giving so that others see His love. This book was furnished by Tyndale in lieu of an unbiased review.