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Julia DeSmit can't wait for her life to begin. After her mother leaves when Julia is nine years old, she's raised by an unassuming, gentle father and a saintly, matriarchal grandmother until her father dies just as Julia is becoming a young adult.
On the cusp of womanhood, Julia feels jaded by her circumstances and longs for a new identity. College seems like the perfect place to start over. But when Julia makes a mistake that will change her life forever, she returns to her grandmother's farm, defeated and convinced of her own worthlessness. Only through the gentle prodding of her loving grandmother does Julia begin to accept the imprint her childhood has left on her life and look for hope in a loving God who longs to make all things new.

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I loved this book it was great! I got the book for free at Check it out when you get the chance! sign up with this link:

This was one of the best coming of age books I have read. Beautiful story of how God makes beautiful thinks out of dust!

Nicole Baart's debut novel will pick at your heart. Ms. Baart explores the human emotions that desire for something that only God can feel.

Such an awesome read and reminder of God's faithfulness