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Could the newest singing sensation be found right here in Odyssey? The popular TV show America Sings! comes to small-town U.S.A., and Connie, Wooton, Bart, and Tamika decide to audition for their shot at fame. But do they have what it takes to be the last singer standing? Meanwhile, Eugene and Katrina are off to Africa in a race to discover the truth about Eugene's past before a raging river sweeps them away! This special four-cd compilation features all six episodes from The Mystery of the Lost Village, the six stories of Odditions, and Bonus Features! When it's all said and done, what's eventually discovered is far more significant—and memorable—than what was momentarily lost.

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The 45th album in the Adventures in Odyssey series is one of my favorites. The TV show 'America Sings!' comes to town, and everyone wants to try out for their chance at a recording contract. Now that Eugene is back in town, he tries to fit back in at his old places, but discovers that everyone has moved on without him. Tom Riley is getting sued by Bill Jenkins. Aubrey Shepard is leaving for college. We get to hear young Connie Kendall at summer camp. This album includes two of the best Christmas episodes the whole series has to offer. I definitely recommend picking this one up.