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Odyssey is buzzing with activity! Why is the Statue of Liberty missing? Why is a young boy so desperate to find a toy lamb? Will anyone show up to see Marvin Washington's new band? Why are cows filing a class-action lawsuit against Little Boy Blue? And who's been leaving mysterious messages on Connie's voicemail? Find the answers to these questions and more in this latest release from Adventures in Odyssey!

Volume 43 contains the following episodes (and themes):
  • Sounds Like a Mystery (Dishonesty)
  • Think on These Things (Thought life)
  • Fairy Tal-e-vision (Consequences of sin)
  • Stars in Our Eyes (Heroes)
  • Sunday Morning Scramble (Worship)
  • Potential Possibilities (Using our gifts)
  • Call Me if You Care (Reconciliation)
  • True Calling (Fear)
  • And That's the Truth (Speaking the truth in love)
  • A Lamb's Tale (Sacrifice)
  • A Glass Darkly (Trusting in God)
  • The Coolest Dog (Pride)

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Exclusive Preview

Along for the Ride, volume 43 of Adventures in Odyssey does not contain any multiple part episodes, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome! When a small model of the Statue of Liberty is stolen, Whit and Nick Mulligan must find out who the culprit is. Connie and Jason retell classic fairy tales on Kids Radio. Whit and the gang get the chance to make a commercial for What’s End to air on TV. The Washington family tries to get to church on time for once. Marvin Washington starts a band and chaos ensues. Along for the Ride is another great album that no fans collection is complete without.