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You never thought you would be in the situation of having an abortion, and once it’s over the pain is still there. But God has not left you because of this one action. Abortion to Mercy will help you heal and move past the pain and hurt.

What happens after an abortion? When you can’t go back and change the past, is there forgiveness or spiritual recovery? God still has a plan for you. There is always forgiveness and freedom when you turn to Jesus. This booklet includes the story of Marcie Schneider, a woman who hid the dark secret of an abortion, a pain she had to endure alone. Let Marcie’s counseling bring healing to you as she shares her story of redemption. Abortion to Mercy includes a Bible study by Paige Henderson that highlights the mercy that Christ has on us, despite sins we’ve committed. We don’t always understand his love and forgiveness for us, which makes it hard for us to love and forgive others. Paige shows you verses from the Bible that will give you wisdom and hope for God’s plan for your life. Abortion to Mercy will speak to your heart and will strengthen your faith. It includes questions and Scripture passages along with space for journaling.

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