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Crossroads on the Journey invites women to deepen their walk with Christ. As you walk with Jesus daily, you will have opportunity to take new steps of faith, which will equip you for everyday life decisions. This book will help you make decisions based on Scripture, develop lifelong convictions, and pass on God’s love to others. Book 2 in the series. Other titles include book 1, Bridges on the Journey, and book 3, Friends on the Journey.

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7 x 9 in.

In A Woman’s Journey of Discipleship, you’ll find the spiritual disciplines every woman needs to develop her walk with Christ. Spiritual growth and intimacy with God are the sure result of the Bridges, Crossroads, and Friends you’ll encounter on your Journey to Discipleship.

When I travel, I like to have a good resource book that I can refer to and seasoned and knowledgeable tour guides. In A Woman’s Journey of Discipleship, you have both. There are three practical and relevant guidebooks to launch you onto the road to discipleship. To accompany you are competent women who have explored the world of discipleship and are able to provide all you need for this exciting and necessary journey.