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A weekly devotional for new moms
Written for a mother during her baby’s first year, A Mother’s Comfort will serve as a special reminder of these days as she grows closer to her child and her heavenly Father. Fifty-two devotions speak specifically to a new mother’s heart, with Scripture passages that teach and remind her that just as she loves and comforts her child, she has a heavenly Father who loves and comforts her. Each week’s devotion also includes a journal prompt and space to reflect and record thoughts, prayers, and dreams. For the courageous women who choose to give life to their children—sometimes despite overwhelming odds—this book is here to remind them that God is their defender and provider.

Each week as you watch your baby grow and develop into the person God created and loves, let the Lord encourage you as you read his Word.

Melissa Heiland is a wife and mother of six. She has been planting and training pregnancy care centers around the world since 1994.

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