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Parents are often encouraged to talk with their kids, but they don’t always feel equipped to deal with these difficult topics off the cuff, right? 40 Answers to Teen’s Top Questions is packed with the most common teen questions, solutions, biblical advice, plus parenting tips that are laid out clearly in an easy-to-read way that your teen can read on their own or with you!

You already know not to lecture your teen, but it can be hard to reason with them when emotions run high, so where do you turn? From peer pressure and bullies to zits and dating, parents will discover practical ways to have open and honest conversations with their teens while equipping them to navigate toward early adulthood.

  • 40 real & relevant topics to teens & preteens
  • Each question opens with real comments from an adolescent to other adolescents
  • Straightforward answers from an expert addressed to teens with honesty and humor
  • Each topic includes practical exercises to "Talk It Out," "Act It Out," and “Think It Out"
  • "For Parents" section on each topic addresses concerns and gives ideas and options to create open communication
  • and more!

Get the confidence you need to answer your teen’s tough questions and keep communication open. Parents and other adults will be amazed at the mutual respect and trust you’ve built between you and your teen.

You know your teen is going to be getting these answers about puberty, how to grow up, and more, from their friends, the internet, and other adults, but they want and need to hear these answers from you! This guide will help you—
  • Communicate clearly & effectively listen to your teen to build trust, respect, and a lasting bond
  • Easily bring up hot teen topics so your teen feels free to openly share
  • Gain the confidence to equip your teen with everything they need to make godly choices every day
  • and so much more!

40 Answers to Teens' Top Questions is perfect for counseling, parents’ groups, youth ministry leaders, church giveaways, and more!

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