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ECPA 2015 Christian Book Award Finalist!
Preschoolers will get excited about this introductory Bible storybook (with 2 CD-ROMs) that encourages them to color and sing—two favorite pastimes of little children—as part of the Bible story-telling experience. Each of the 101 Bible stories includes a coloring page to print and color. The coloring sheets include a key Bible verse that can be colored along with the picture—a great way to help kids memorize Bible verses! In addition to coloring pages, the CDs include 101 memorable Scripture songs that relate to the stories. The Bible song track number is referenced on the story page for easy access.

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Trim Size:
6.75 x 8.5 in.

Exclusive Preview

“Watch as your kids interact with the Bible like never before. Now they can READ about creation ”¦ COLOR a picture of creation ”¦ and SING about creation ”¦ all with this amazing book!” the introduction explains in Stephen Elkins’s children’s book, "101 Color & Sing Bible Stories." This two hundred and eight page padded hardback targets children from three to six years old. With no overly scary scenes, mainly the New Living Translation of the Bible is used with the KJV version also applied. Included in the inside front and back covers are two CDs with songs and coloring pages to print out. As an all-in-one interaction project for young children, the comprehensive book focuses on teaching about the Bible, God, and Jesus. With one hundred and one stories, instructions in the introduction explain finding the corresponding CD disc and song track number that matches the top of each story, printing out the coloring pages, and listening to the songs while coloring the picture. With bright colorful backgrounds, each theme correlates to well-known stories in the Bible. The left side of each page lists which disc to use, the title of the topic, a read-a-long of one to several written out verses, a highlighted section where to find the coloring page, a fun fact, and words to the sing-a-long song. The right side of each page has a full-color illustration that is similar to the coloring page. Biblical tomes listed in the Table of Contents range from Adam is Lonely, Esau is Angry, Baby in a Basket and Jonah Runs Away referenced from the Old Testament to Jesus is Born, The Lord’s Prayer, The Mustard Seed, and Jesus is Alive! in the New Testament. The related “Fun Facts” are interesting and educational with examples such as David being around seventeen years old when he killed Goliath, a full-grown lion can weigh over four hundred pounds, and that Jesus’s resurrection is the greatest event in history. With the CD playing the matching songs that may include calm lullabies to rock and roll drums, children will enjoy the total effect of coloring and listening to music as they learn Bible stories. This is an amazing and exciting way to engage children in an innocuous way to learn more about God, Jesus, and the Bible. It is perfect for Sunday school lessons, home schooling, or rainy days with children. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.