The Cry for a Kingdom Man

The Cry for a Kingdom Man

Men, you are in a battle.

You are in a war.

The stakes of this war and its casualties are higher than a checkmark in the win or loss column.

Lives will be lost.

Eternities will be shaped.

Destinies will either be discovered or dismissed.

Dreams will be attained or relinquished.


Jesus has not asked you to be a fan.

He has plenty of fans already.

Every Sunday morning at 11:00 am, His fan base shows up in full force.

They show up in stadiums, often filled to capacity, all around the world.

Within these stadiums, there is great emotion, great singing, preaching, excitement, cheers of adulation, recognition, and statements of affirmation.

But Jesus is not interested in just having fans.

No fan ever set the stage for a battle to be won.

Jesus wants men who will carry out His agenda, governance, and guidelines in a world in crisis.


Jesus wants men who will rule well.

This kingdom of men has been intentionally placed in a location called Earth, yet these men receive their instructions from the League office in heaven.

This group of men is neither swayed by what the majority says, nor by what the most popular thought at the moment might be, nor even by their own personal preferences.

Rather, these men are governed by the kingdom to which they belong.

Men who make their calls according to the Book under the authority of their Commissioner, the Lord Jesus Christ, so that chaos will not ensue in this war called life…


If you listen closely, you might be able to hear the cry for kingdom men to rule well too.

You can hear it in the chaos in the culture causing a cry to rise up from the homes, schools, neighborhoods, communities, states, and from every shattered soul affected by the absence of kingdom men.

Never has our nation, or our world, stood on the precipice of adversity in such dire need of men answering the cry to rule well.


It is everywhere.

It is loud.


It is in the heartbeat of every child born or raised without a father, every woman’s dream drowned by an irresponsible or neglectful man, every hope snuffed out by confusing circumstances, every lonely soul of a single woman searching for someone worthy to marry, and every sanctuary and community devoid of significant male contributions.

Jesus has not asked you to be a fan.

He has plenty of fans already.

It is a cry for a kingdom man.


From Kingdom Man by Tony Evans.