The Best Bible Studies for New Believers

The Best Bible Studies for New Believers

You’re a brand-new Christian, and you’re wondering where to start with reading and studying the Bible. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many books, chapters, and verses—some of which you may be familiar with, some you’ve never heard of (Numbers or Leviticus,* anyone?).

But it’s all good—we got you.

This is our breakdown of the best Bible studies for new believers. Grab a copy, brew a coffee, nab a chair, and get prepared (. . . too much?)! These studies will help you get into God’s Word and navigate sections until you get so familiar with the Bible that you’ll have even heard of Habakkuk and Haggai.*

*No kidding, these are actual books in the Bible!


1) It’s a great idea to start with a book in the New Testament. Many people will recommend you try John or Luke first, mainly because they both cover the life and teachings of Jesus. So much about the Old Testament will make way more sense with the knowledge of what happened in Jesus’ lifetime.

The Navigators’ LifeChange series is an excellent resource that makes getting into Bible study easy and informative. If you like the suggested books, try the myriad others available in this super-informative series.

LifeChange John

LifeChange Luke



2) Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman… And biblical times were no different, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any #bossladies prominently featured in the Bible JUST. GETTING. IT. DONE.

Esther, Ruth, and Mary are all celebrated in Eugene H. Peterson’s Bible study series Drawn In. Each book is a study and devotional that invites you to quiet your heart and mind through coloring, allowing the lessons from these ladies to really break through. As you discover the true meaning behind each of their stories, see how they can inspire your own life in Christ.

Great for both your personal time with God or with your small group.






3) Fast track your study and be a pro by the time you finish this one! Growing Strong in God’s Family, part of The 2:7 series, breaks down the art of bible study with practical insights on things like; how to open your study, what to look for as you read, and ways to interpret Scripture, understanding how God is speaking to you through it. This is perfect as a sort of “Bible Study 101” and can be supercharged through small group work.

Two more books in the series help continue your study streak—read them in sequence and see what amazing promises and guidance God has for you!

1 Growing Strong

2 Deepening Your Roots

3 Bearing Fruit



4) Want something that covers all the key themes and stories from both the New Testament and the Old Testament? Want it presented in a way that is totally readable and easy to understand? Want it to help you make sense of the Bible and apply its principles to your own life? Check, check, check!

How to Read (and Understand) the Bible is the study you have been looking for your whole life—or at least since you trusted your life to God’s hands!

Larry Richards helps bring the Scriptures home with modern references and an engaging, I-can’t-stop-reading-this style.

How to Read (and Understand) the Bible


We think these are the best titles for Christians new to the faith and new to reading the Bible. You can find a whole lot more Bible studies on Use the filters to find the right fit for you, whatever the stage in your own spiritual journey. Get more Bible study love HERE>>