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Steve Sherbondy

Clinical professional counselor Steve Sherbondy provides expert advice for parents struggling with disciplinary issues in his first book, Changing Your Child's Heart. Parents, teachers, and anyone responsible for children will learn why attitude is the core issue in childhood disobedience, why behavioral compliance is unfinished, and how to change a child's bad attitude. The book gives detailed examples applying to children ages 2–18, ranging from whining and "forgetting" to screaming rebellion.

Steve received his undergraduate degree from Judson College in 1976 and his graduate degree from Wheaton College in 1984. His 20 years of counseling experience include positions as a counselor at Willow Creek Church, a therapist and a psychiatric emergency evaluator at Ecker Center for Mental Health, and his current position as a licensed clinical professional counselor at Harbor Counseling Center in South Elgin, Illinois. He enjoys sports, including soccer, rock climbing, skiing, and just about anything competitive.

Steve and his wife, Sharon, have two teenage children and live in Fox River Grove, Illinois.