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Stephanie Segel

Stephanie Logan Segel

Stephanie Logan Segel is a Los Angeles–based painter, artist, and cocreator of Create: New Beginnings, Prison Fellowship's restorative art program. In 2017, she visited a prison for the very first time to create a mural inspired by the Human Connection Project, an original series sharing people's stories through art. That experience sparked the idea for Create: New Beginnings.

Steph's work reflects her passion for pursuing social justice, connecting people, understanding human emotions, and giving back to the community. She primarily works with oil paint and watercolors, specializing in portraiture. Her art has been featured in auctions and art shows in Los Angeles and New York and has found homes in private collections around the world. In 2022, she cofounded MoDa Studios in Los Angeles, a community workspace where local artists can excel in their God-given gifts.

Steph studied psychology and studio art at New York University. Born in London, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California.