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Patrick Gray

Born in the same small town just a few days apart, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray have been blessed with a unique relationship. Their childhood adventures and shared interests make for many moments of laughter, joy, and shared memories. At fifteen years of age, a car accident triggered a dormant disease in Justin's body resulting in a life lived in a wheelchair.

Though life led Justin and Patrick down different paths and to colleges a thousand miles apart, their childhood friendship has not only survived, but has thrived in their adult years. This relationship has been put to the test by distance, time apart, and Justin's progressive neuromuscular disease, but the two grow closer with each passing year and each new adventure.

In 2014, these lifelong friends did the impossible—together they tackled a 500-mile pilgrimage through Spain known as the Camino de Santiago, or Way of St. James. While most people attempt this epic journey on foot, Justin traveled the entire distance in his wheelchair, pushed by Patrick (and others). As Patrick physically pushed Justin over mountains, through deserts, and across fields, Justin pushed Patrick, mentally and emotionally, beyond fear and insecurity, into a whole new world of joy and freedom. Their journey is a brilliant metaphor for the lives they have been blessed to live. Just as neither could have accomplished the rigorous trek on his own, their successes in life are largely attributed to the way they have pushed each other, and the way they have allowed others to push them.

Now they work together, sharing unapologetic words of hope and faith through their writing and speaking, as they share the message that we can achieve more together.

Both men love music, road trips, and driving their wives crazy.

Justin lives in Eagle, Idaho, with his wife, Kirstin, and their three children: Jaden, Noah, and Lauren.

Patrick lives in nearby Meridian, Idaho, with his wife Donna, and their three children: Cambria, Joshua, and Olivia.

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