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Julie Fisk

Julie Fisk first discovered her passion for teaching and empowering others as a practicing attorney. She loves to use that passion to encourage women to be strong and courageous in their individual faith journeys through writing, speaking, and quiet conversation over steaming cups of coffee. Julie and her husband, Aaron, are committed to living out the commandments to love God and love others in their daily lives, and they are raising their children to do the same. They believe God is revealed through intentional kindness, generosity, and hospitality—by inviting others into their home and into their lives. They succeed, fail, and rely on Christ and his grace to fill in their gaps.

Julie loves trotting the globe with her family, pulling weeds in her heirloom-vegetable garden, running 5k races (only if she is running with friends), and tromping through the woods with her children and their rescue dog, Peanut. You can find Julie writing about hospitality, the ups and downs of integrating faith with everyday life, and following Christ with intentionality on her blog at