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Jim Ware

Jim Ware

Jim Ware graduated from UCLA in 1976 with a B.A. in classics. After marrying Joni, he enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary, emphasizing theology and Semitic languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Ugaritic) and eventually earning an M.A. in biblical studies. Daughter Alison, the first of six children, was born in 1979, just as Jim was completing his seminary coursework. For several years after graduation he supported his growing family as a member of the maintenance crew at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. During this time he also taught adult and college-level Bible classes at the church and hosted study groups in his home. In 1986 Jim took a position as a staff writer with Focus on the Family, a multi-media Christian ministry based (at the time) in Arcadia, California.

It was in connection with his work at Focus that Jim authored Crazy Jacob, Dangerous Dreams, and Prophet's Kid (Bethany House Publishers). A deep love for the Bible, a strong interest in history, and a keen taste for good storytelling have all contributed to his sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in re-narrating these scriptural incidents for young readers.

In 1991 Jim and family relocated with Focus on the Family from Southern California to Colorado Springs, where they currently make their home. He enjoys everything about life in the shadow of Pikes Peak—especially the Thursday night Celtic music sessions at Poor Richard's restaurant, where he sings and plays the guitar and hammered dulcimer.

Jim Ware es coautor (junto con Kurt Bruner) del éxito de ventas Finding God in The Lord of the Rings. Su libro más reciente es God of the Fairy Tale. Jim se graduó en UCLA en 1976, obtuvo un Bachillerato en Humanidades orientado a los clásicos. Después de casarse, se enroló en Fuller Theological Seminary, con énfasis en teología e idiomas semíticos (hebreo, arameo y ugarítico) y finalmente obtuvo una Licenciatura en Humanidades con orientación a estudios bíblicos. Por varios años, luego de graduarse, mantuvo a su creciente familia trabajando como miembro del equipo de mantenimiento de First Presbyterian Church de Hollywood. Durante ese tiempo, también dio clases de Biblia para adultos y de nivel universitario en la iglesia, y condujo grupos de estudio en su hogar. En 1986, Jim comenzó a trabajar como redactor para Focus on the Family, un ministerio cristiano multimedios con base (en aquel momento) en Arcadia, California. En relación a este trabajo en Focus, Jim escribió Crazy Jacob, Dangerous Dreams y Prophet's Kid (Bethany House Publishers). Un profundo amor por la Biblia, un fuerte interés en la historia y un gusto muy fino para la buena narrativa contribuyeron a su sentido de deleite y satisfacción al volver a narrar estos acontecimientos bíblicos para lectores jóvenes. En 1991, Jim y su familia se mudaron junto con Focus on the Family del sur de California a Colorado Springs, donde está actualmente su hogar.

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