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Craig Borlase

Craig Borlase is an author and collaborative writer living in England. His comfortable, teenage existence was challenged when his mother decided to open their home to feed and care for local homeless people. As the men drank tea, smoked cheap cigarettes, and talked about their lives, Craig developed an appetite for great storytelling. Having attempted a range of careers—including magazine editor, school teacher, and door-to-door salesman—he emerged as a writer. With over thirty books to his name—some written solo, others in collaboration—Craig is even more fascinated than ever by the power of a real-life story well told to inspire and transform a reader. He is married with four young children.

Craig has written for Thomas Nelson, HarperCollins, David C. Cook, Hodder & Stoughton, FaithWords, Charisma, and Relevant Media Group. His next release is Row For Freedom (Thomas Nelson, August 2014)—a memoir of a transatlantic rower compelled to join the fight against the modern day slave trade.

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