The definition of lament is explained in this article. dried up flowers sit sadly in a vase against a dark grey wall.

Lament-What Does Lament Mean?

The definition of lament, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is; ‘A passionate expression of grief or sorrow.’ The following exploration, to define lament for us today, is written by Aubrey Sampson, author of the powerful book, The Louder Song, Listening for Hope in the Midst of Lament. – For those of us who follow Jesus, we […]

A woman in the gym lifts a weight. Is she worried about her flaws and what others think? The only opinion that matters, is that of God.

Made in the Image of God: Facing our Body-Image Issues and Insecurities.

Why are we always our own worst critic? We’ve all had moments of self-doubt, our insecurities rearing their ugly heads, aiming for us with gut-wrenching accuracy as they pierce our carefully placed armor in just the right spot to make us crumble. We all struggle with nagging feelings of insignificance, inferiority, and self-perceived weaknesses. But […]

Preview: Unfolding Stories Podcast-Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new Christian podcast: Unfolding Stories! Unfolding Stories, from Unfolding Faith and Tyndale House Publishers, is a podcast dedicated to Christian testimony. Testimony; a public profession of religious experience. Each episode will feature one guest speaker who will recount their personal testimony, their story of how God has […]

Yes, it is Okay to Ask God the Tough Questions

You’re a new believer or a longtime Christ follower, and you have questions—big questions you want to ask God. It doesn’t matter what stage of your spiritual journey you are in; there are always thoughts and questions that pop up, possibly even surprising us, that we just do not know how to answer. But they’re also […]

A plain notebook displays in pink ink the words written 'Start here'. Start now with your fresh beginning this year.

New Year, New You? Getting a True Fresh Start This New Year

If we want a fresh start and the ability to greet the unexpected turns of the year ahead with trusting hope, what we need is not more resolutions, but more grace. Written by Nancy Taylor, author of God’s Call to a Deeper Life This Christmas didn’t turn out like I had expected. As a freelance writer, […]

Questions? God’s Help is at Hand with the HelpFinder Bible.

Know that you are not alone when you ask Why, and know that what you are looking for can be found in God’s amazing truth that’s not far away. Why do I feel so anxious? Why can’t I forgive? Why is my life so difficult? Often, we get pelted with questions, turmoil, and doubt when we feel […]

6 Real Gifts of Faith for Christmas

Sharing your faith with friends or neighbors creates anxiety for a lot of Christians, but at Christmas, people are more open to talking about Jesus than at any other time of year. Maybe you’ve been praying about someone for a while now. Christmas offers a great opportunity to start that conversation. Or maybe you’ve already had the […]

Your First Christmas as a New Believer

You’ve given your life to Christ this year—congratulations! Angels in heaven were rejoicing the very moment you decided to make Jesus your Lord and Savior and the center of your new life. Nothing makes God happier than seeing someone give their heart to him. You know that Christmas is a very important time of year […]

How to Love on People Every Day

God commands us to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Galatians 5:14; Leviticus 9:18). It’s one of the greatest commandments He gives us—second only, in fact, to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). This is a very important commandment. But do we really understand how we […]

Small Groups Are Actually the Best, and Here’s Why.

You’ve likely heard the words “small groups” come up at your church from time to time. Sometimes they are known as life groups, home groups, growth groups, or cell groups. Whichever way they’re referred to, they all provide the same thing: fellowship in Christ. God designed us all to need fellowship. He wants each of […]

Heaven Is for Real? Your Questions Answered.

Heaven is a big place and a big subject. The word heaven has been used in more than 38,000 songs written in English. It is the subject of many movies and is featured in thousands of books. We are fascinated with the subject of heaven and what happens to us after death. It can be […]