How to Be a Man of Integrity

This blog is written by Lt. Charles Causey and was originally posted on The Disciple Maker. As a young man, my army chaplain father told me a true story about 672 men who perished in the middle of the night during World War II. On January 23, 1943, the SS Dorchester departed New York City […]

“I’m Fine” Translation: No You’re Not.

This week’s blog is by Nicole Unice and was originally posted on Read the Arc. How are you?  If you’re like me, when asked this at the grocery store or by a friend you haven’t seen in a while, your response is usually: “Fine!” After all, we can tick off our big blessings—a roof over […]

The Unexpected Rescue

I’d heard the phrase “God is love” plenty of times, but I never really took it to heart. After all, “God is love” seemed to contradict the way in which some Christians had treated me and others. I was never good enough for them, never acted holy enough, and didn’t look the way a supposedly […]

Keep the Fire Burning

This week’s blog is written by Jarrid Wilson. One of my all-time favorite childhood activities in the mountains was starting the nightly campfire. It’s no secret that all children are closet pyromaniacs. Something about kids and fire just goes hand in hand. Fire is mesmerizing, to say the least, and it begs to be played […]

Get To Know the Boring Christ

This week’s blog is written by Matt Mikalatos. I have a friend, a young woman we’ll call Chelsea. She’s an atheist, and one day she said to me, “You Christians seem to think Jesus is boring.” I was shocked. After all, she and I had discussed him at length. “What do you mean?” “I mean, you […]

Unfolding Stories Podcast, Episode Ten: From Street Gang to God’s Child.

This is it! The final episode of our Christian testimony podcast Unfolding Stories, season one, is here! It’s available to download from your favorite podcast platform today. See below for links to download. This week we meet Michelangelo, who recalls for us a life that started with little direction; and even fewer expectations. He finds […]

Cookie-Cutter Discipleship?

This week’s blog is written by Randy D. Raysbrook Blame it on Frederick W. Taylor. Though he lived a century ago, he may still be affecting your understanding of disciplemaking. Taylor’s influence was primarily in the industrial sector of America in the late 1890s. It was he who refined post-Industrial Revolution thought by advocating the […]

Unfolding Stories Podcast Episode Nine: Doubting God in Depression

We’ve hit the penultimate episode in our first season of our encouraging new Christian podcast, Unfolding Stories! Episode nine is available to download right NOW from your regular podcast platforms. Links to download are given below. In this episode, we hear from Leanne. In her struggles with depression and other mental health issues, Leanne began […]

The Road to Discipleship

The following was written by guest writer Jerry Harvill. Few aspects of the Christian culture are more idealized but less understood than discipleship. Humpty Dumpty vocabularies abound, in which, like Humpty’s approach in Lewis Carroll’s tale, words mean “whatever (we) choose them to mean; nothing more, nothing less!” The plethora of religious cults attracting followers […]

Unfolding Stories Podcast Episode Eight: God Changes Life’s Course.

Yes, we are LIVE now with episode eight of our new Christian podcast Unfolding Stories. Scroll down for links to this week’s episode on all major podcast platforms. In this week’s show we meet Zach and hear his amazing Christian testimony. Not only does Zach establish a relationship with God very swiftly through a message […]

Choosing Jesus as Your Teacher

Mary Magdalene woke up early Sunday morning and made her way to the tomb. Finding it empty, she asked the angels what they had done with Jesus. Turning around with tears in her eyes, she mistook Jesus for the gardener, but as soon as he called her by name, she recognized him. Then she exclaimed, […]

Unfolding Stories Podcast Episode Seven: God’s Provision within the Storm

Episode seven of Unfolding Stories, our uplifting new Christian testimony podcast, is LIVE and available to download from any of your regular major podcast platforms. This week we hear the story of Laura, a woman for whom religious identity was very confusing until she found her true church home. Shortly after God lead her to […]