A young man sits in his bedroom with headphones around his neck and holding a guitar on his lap. He may be pondering if he can trust God - and he can! in this blog post we explore the reasons as to why you can really trust God.

Can I Really Trust God?

Guest post by Jerry Bridges, author of devotional book, 31 Days toward Trusting God. For most of us, life is filled with frustrations, anxieties, and disappointments that tempt us to fret, fume, and worry. Even amidst adversity that we might categorize as ‘minor’, such as an inability to wrestle off the lid of a jar […]

Three friends sit around a table, seen from above, they are discussing the Bible and making notes. It's not easy to share the Bible with your non-Christian friends, but trusting God to make it happen will open many opportunities for you do to so.

How to Read the Bible with Non-Christian Friends

A not-so-scary way to introduce your friends to Jesus, by Laura T. de Gomez. I had heard through the grapevine that two coworkers, Martha and Claudia, had expressed some interest in spiritual things. So I dropped into their office one day and said, “Hi! I’ve been meaning to ask you both: Would you be interested […]

What Does the Bible Say About Sex?

Excerpts taken from How & When to Tell Your Kids About Sex, by Stan and Brenna Jones. The truth is that when most Christians think about the Bible and sex, they first think of the “don’ts.” This is understandable; the Bible clearly prohibits certain actions. This is where our churches often focus, and certainly the […]

4 Actionable Ways to Authentically Share Jesus With Others

  While those in mission or pastoral work are more likely to encounter someone who is ready to receive Christ without having previous contact with them, there are many more situations where your influence as a believer in someone’s life can draw them to saving faith, as you ‘do life’ together. Famous evangelist Billy Graham […]

Making Friends in a Divided World

  by Tim Scott, US Senator and co-author with Trey Gowdy of Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Divided Country If we want to build friendships with people across lines of division, we must focus on what we have in common and not become distracted by what separates us. We do this naturally—and often without even […]

What Is Christian Testimony? How Do I Tell My Own Testimony Story?

During their journey to a saving relationship with Jesus, many people find the most compelling stories about Him, and reasons for having faith, come from the Christians they already know. If you’re looking for proof of Jesus, ask your peers about their journey with Christ. What they tell you is their own Christian testimony: The […]

How Our Faith Gives Us Freedom

The same reason we find our country’s freedom precious is the same reason we find the eternal freedom won for us on the cross and in a sealed grave more than two thousand years ago so precious. by Heidi Chiavaroli, author of The Hidden Side I love the Fourth of July. The celebrations, the parades, the […]

Focusing on Hope When Pain Distracts You

  By Danny Gokey  In a way, pain reminds us that we are still alive. The abundant life we’ve been promised doesn’t come filtered and separate from pain and suffering. It is part of what rounds out our existence. We don’t go looking for pain, yet it seems to find us. We don’t ask for pain, […]

Five Ways to Start Relying on God’s Promises

Today’s guest post is written by Troy E. Schmidt, author of Fish Sandwiches: The Delight of Receiving God’s Promises. When two people first get married, they give of themselves as much as they can in light of having only limited information about each other.  Then, as the years go on, and they see each other […]

Inspiring Men: Two Best Friends, One Wheelchair And 500 Miles.

It’s a beautiful, lazy San Diego Saturday and I’m alone in my living room with the ATV remote braced against my leg. Though I can no longer open doors, hold a cup to my lips, or button my shirt, I can still somehow manage to use the remote. Every bit of independence is precious. I […]

How Do I Start Reading the Bible? Start with John!

  The Holy Bible can seem like a big, overwhelming, sometimes highly confusing book—we know your hesitation with reading it, and we know exactly how you feel when deciding where to start in the Bible. A lot of people reading the Bible for the first time have had the same thought; how do I start […]

Inspiring Men: The Four Key Traits of an Effective Father of Faith.

  Guest post written by Roger Patterson, author of A Minute of Vision for Men I want to unpack a biblical “Father of Faith.” His name is Jairus, and he was an influential man. He was a ruler of the synagogue and a religious leader. He was successful and prominent. But, like you and me, Jairus […]