A Kingdom Man Cherishes His Wife

You are the sunshine of my life.

That’s why I’ll always stay around.

—Stevie Wonder, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”

The lyrics to the pop songs we listened to growing up express strong opinions about love and devotion, but even the best lyrics come up short. They’d have us scaling mountains, storming castles, or impulsively catching a red-eye flight to prove our affection. Conventional wisdom suggests roses to encourage romance. Or dinner by candlelight. But a wife needs much more than flowers or onetime grand gestures to feel cherished by her husband; she needs to be sanctified and satisfied (Ephesians 5:25–30).

Sanctification involves setting your wife apart and creating a safe place for her to bloom into God’s kingdom woman. That’s an ongoing process requiring patience, sensitivity, and spiritual mentoring . . . from you. When you said, “I do,” you also married her history. If she hasn’t known security in the home of a kingdom man before, she may be hesitant to submit. Gentle sanctification will bathe her in the freedom to experience all God has for her.

In addition, we need to satisfy our wives emotionally, spiritually, and yes, physically. But hold on, Romeo. Those aren’t three separate elevators to her heart. They’re connected. For a woman to respond intimately, she must first respond with her soul. Forget about Victoria’s Secret. Here’s God’s secret: The only way to satisfy your wife is by creating spiritual oneness.

Kingdom Man Devotional by Tony Evans

Kingdom Man Devotional is based on the principles and concepts presented in the book Kingdom Man. For the man who wants to be the leader that God has called him to be, this 90-day devotional will help him explore the scriptural mandate to exercise dominion and take responsibility over the various areas of his life. This devotional will challenge and encourage men to embrace their role of provider, protector, cultivator, champion, visionary, and leader, discipling them in the areas of responsibility and spiritual authority.

Kingdom Man Devotional challenges and equips men to fully understand their position under God and their position over what God has given them, while challenging them to initiate the practical implementation of leadership principles.

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