Children’s Water Activities to Beat The Heat

Beat the heat and start a giggle-fest with this super-duper list of refreshing water activities!

By Bethany Russell and originally posted on The Arc.

You open the door to go outside and are practically blasted with fire straight from the sun! Sound familiar?

While it’s true that the unyielding heat (not to mention humidity) can be exhausting, summer remains a prime opportunity to make memories together as a family! Beat the heat and start a giggle-fest with this super-duper list of refreshing water activities!

The Dream Come True: Kiddie Pool + Bubble Bath

Just about every kid has probably fantasized what it would be like to overdo it with the bubble bath only to be disappointed that the answer is no because of a silly concern for the bathroom floor. Outdoors, however, they can go crazy making those Santa beards and splashing glorious suds as much as they please!

A Cool Spin on a Familiar Game: Duck-Duck-Sprinkler

This simply involves playing Duck-Duck-Goose with a sprinkler in the middle. Make sure to play this game on the lawn in case of falls and be careful that no one trips over the hose while running around the circle. Adding a sprinkler can also liven things up with other games like Sharks and Minnows.

A Team Favorite: Water Balloon Toss

This one is a classic. Holding either side of a beach towel (lengthwise), have yourself and a partner work together to launch and catch water balloons with an opposing team. Points optional!

The Energy Burner: Spray Bottle Tag

Fill up an empty spray bottle with water and give this to whoever is “it” for them to effectively tag someone else by spraying them. For once, your kids might even want to be “it”! Of course, squirt guns work for this game, too.

Reading with Water: Bilingual Water Doodle Bible

The bilingual Water Doodle Bible is a unique activity book with a biblical message. Young children will enjoy painting with water as they reveal colorful art designs and learn fun stories from the Bible in English and Spanish. Children can then search for objects in the pictures as they practice simple words in both languages. What’s extra amazing is that this book can b

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