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Longing for Home over the Holidays—Thoughts on Finding Home in a Good Book

“When you lay me down to die / I’ll open up my eyes on the skies I’ve never known / In the place where I belong / And I’ll realize His love is just another word for Home.” 

~ Songwriter Andrew Peterson, “Lay Me Down”

As the holidays approach, the …

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Unexpected Masterpieces—How God Uses Creativity

No one doubts Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5 or Les Misérables or The Lord of the Rings are deserving of creative masterpiece status. But creativity and masterpieces come sometimes in unexpected forms. Often people say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” but most likely these folks are not …

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Great #MustRead Summer Deals!


Morning, readers! Every month over at E-book Extra we have some amazing fiction e-books for great low prices!

A sneak peek at this month’s deals . . .


#ReaderThoughts from Booklist . . .

“Christian fiction author Jerry B. Jenkins covers much ground in this weighty book.”


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Christmas Mail and Friendship: Thoughts on Holiday Correspondence by Francine Rivers

The Christmas season is often synonymous with checking in with friends, both old and new. Below, New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers shares her thoughts on one of her favorite holiday traditions.

I have all kinds of reasons why I love the Christmas season, the most important of which

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#BehindtheScenes with Rachelle Dekker: Get Access to Exclusive Content Left on the Cutting-Room Floor! + #TheChoosing E-book Deal

Hey there, readers! Shaina here, your friendly guide to all things #Crazy4Fiction! Today I’m talking about something I personally love. As an avid reader myself, there is nothing I get more excited about than being privy to exclusive bonus content. It always makes me feel like a member of the …