Christmas Mail and Friendship: Thoughts on Holiday Correspondence by Francine Rivers

December 4, 2015


The Christmas season is often synonymous with checking in with friends, both old and new. Below, New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers shares her thoughts on one of her favorite holiday traditions.

I have all kinds of reasons why I love the Christmas season, the most important of which is celebrating the birth of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. But one of the things I anticipate with great delight is the arrival of yearly newsy letters from relatives and friends who only write once a year.  Some don’t have email or computers and write lovely, long-hand letters filled with happenings.  I have several friends who love to explore the world. Being in their sixties doesn’t stop them from climbing mountains, riding rapids, camping in Argentina or Peru, mountain biking with grandchildren. I can’t wait to read where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to over the last twelve months.


Not all my friends are in their sixties. My mother said, “If you only make friends your own age, someday you’ll end up with no friends at all.” This was at a time in her life where opening Christmas cards had become somewhat depressing because they carried news of yet another friend’s spouse having passed through the Pearly Gates. 

Friends come in all ages.  As you get older, age doesn’t matter.  What does is to find friends who talk with you and listen, who share their stories and are interested in yours. I enjoy my golden oldies (friends I’ve known since grade school) and those I have just met through a class or through a friend.  I met one good friend at a book signing.

Cherish those old friends, but don’t be afraid to add new ones. Friendship keeps life full and interesting. 

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