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Quiz: What’s My Summer Beach Read?

Who doesn’t love summer with its sunny days and warm breezes? If you’ll be hitting the beach this summer, you’ll probably be looking for a great read to bring with you. Take this quiz for fun to discover your next summer read.

5 Romantic Beach Reads to Swoon for This Summer

Whether you’re heading to the beach this summer or are planning to adventure somewhere else, beach reads always make for fun summer reading. If you’re looking for great beach reads to take with you on your summer adventures or a staycation, don’t miss adding these to your TBR list!

Historical Fiction Author Q&A: Cathy Gohlke on her new novel A Hundred Crickets Singing

Historical fiction author Cathy Gohlke’s latest historical novel A Hundred Crickets Singing tells the story of two young women living on the same Appalachian estate in wars eighty years apart who determine to aid soldiers dear to them and fight for justice, no matter the cost. In the Q&A below,

Quiz: Which Hero from a Courtney Walsh Romance Novel is Your Book Boyfriend?

Have you ever read a swoon-worthy love story and felt like you could be the heroine from the novel because the two of you were so similar? For fun, take this quiz to see which book boyfriend from one of Courtney Walsh’s contemporary romance novels would be the one for …

A Visit to the Maxwell House Hotel: Michelle Shocklee on the famed hotel in her novel Count the Nights by Stars

Step back into time with a virtual visit to the famed Maxwell House Hotel. Author Michelle Shocklee shares a peek into this iconic landmark as characters in Count the Nights by Stars would have experienced it before its demise. Read about it in the article below from Michelle.

In my …

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Quiz: Describe Your Dream Vacation and Get a Reading Recommendation

When it comes to planning a fun trip, what are must-haves for your vacation destination? Pick your vacation favorites in this quiz and then get a spring break, summer vacation, or staycation reading recommendation based on your preferences! What novel will you get?…

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