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Oftentimes when two guys are communicating, a lot can be communicated with a few head nods, a couple of grunts. From a woman's perspective, men aren't always so clear. What a woman hears a man say and what he means to communicate can often be very disconnected. Gain an appreciation for how men communicate and discover the depth of feelings that your man has been trying to communicate to you. A companion book to “Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?” the book for men. Contains a group study guide.
Chapter Headings:
  • Yup. Nope. Maybe. (Decoding manspeak)
  • I'm Not Lost (Why won't men stop for directions?)
  • Wanna Do It? (Do men always think about sex?)
  • Your Problem Is . . . (Why does he always try to fix my problems?)
  • You're Too Sensitive! (Are men emotionally constipated?)
  • In a Minute (Why do men spend so much time on the toilet?
  • Can't it Wait Till Halftime? (What's the deal with men and sports?)
  • What Were You Thinking? (Why women will always have questions about men)
  • Conclusion
  • Discussion Guide

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