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Encounter fascinating women from the New Testament in this six-session Bible study. Their lives challenged what society said women like them “ought” to do—or not do—but social traditions do not constrict God! Discover these women’s tenacious faithfulness to their Lord, their seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and the unique roles they played in bringing others to Jesus and the new life he offers.

Each session unpacks the history, culture, and geography that forms the backdrop to these women’s lives, giving you a deeper understanding of their stories and insight into what we can learn from them for today.

This study will challenge what you thought you always knew about these women. Read their stories anew with this easy-to-use Bible study incorporating helpful visuals, thought-provoking questions, and practical life application.

The six sessions include:
  • Mothers of Jesus from the genealogy in the gospel of Matthew
  • Mary and her warrior song in the gospel of Luke
  • Anna the prophetess at the temple
  • The Samaritan woman at the well
  • Sisters Mary and Martha
  • Women of the early church in Paul’s letters to the Romans

Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with full color visuals that show key information at a glance! With their easy-to-use format—read it, know it, explore it, and live it—these 6-week inductive studies are perfect for gaining a deeper insight into God’s Word.

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