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“Readers will be clamoring for more.” Publishers Weekly on Flash

Just when you think it’s the end of your story . . . grace shows up.

Sometimes it arrives as a moment of joy in the middle of despair. Sometimes you find it next to a trusted friend along an old, well-trodden path. And sometimes, grace has fuzzy ears, a bristled mane, and hope for a new start.

Join Rachel Anne Ridge, author of the beloved memoir Flash, in a journey back to the pasture. As she adopts a second rescue donkey as a little brother for Flash—a miniature named Henry—she finds that walking with donkeys has surprising lessons to teach us about prayer, renewing our faith, and connecting to God in fresh ways.

Readers all over the world fell in love with Flash and with Rachel’s thoughtful, funny, and poignant stories about what life with a donkey can teach you. Now, meet Henry and join him on a walk that could change everything about how you hope, trust, and move forward from past regrets.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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Memoirist Ridge (Flash), adopts another donkey in her second memoir of finding path of joy, exasperation, faith, and love in an equine friend. Henderson Number Ten, or Henry, is a miniature rescue donkey who had signs of abuse when she received him from a donkey rescue facility as company for Flash, her first rescue donkey. Henry comes into the pasture with an attitude, staking out his territory and ignoring his penmates. At first, Ridge isn’t sure whether Flash and Henry will make friends, but she’s determined to do what she can. Her optimism grows as she takes daily walks with Henry, who insists on starting out by walking backward before turning himself around. With The Book of Common Prayer as a companion, Ridge records her own journey from grief to joy as she watches Henry recover and show his full personality. She takes readers through his adoption and recovery using tenets of the faith such as the Apostles Creed to prove that “no matter where our journey takes us, we never walk alone.” Ridge’s levity and deep faith will delight fans of her first memoir and round up new animal-loving readers, as well.

This tender book will pull you into Rachel’s and Henry’s stories and lift you up to Jesus. I love this book!

A five-star read! Rachel is all heart . . . and wait until you meet Henry. Who will want this book? People who . . . (1) love animals, (2) dream about farm life, (3) want to deepen their prayer lives, (4) have ever felt guilty, and (5) have a pulse!

I’m not much of an animal person, which is why I am amazed at Rachel’s ability to make me love two donkeys. This book is a thoroughly enjoyable reminder to be actively aware of the many ways God seeks to teach us using the normal moments of life.

Who knew there are so many lessons about faith, grace, and letting go of past regrets that you can learn from a miniature donkey named Henry? Walking with Henry is the beautifully written story of two donkeys who had to find their way and let go of fear as they forged a relationship they weren’t even sure they wanted. You will see yourself and your own human frailty in these pages. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and most of all, you’ll never forget the impact the humblest of creatures can have on the way you view your faith and your God. Rachel Anne Ridge has written another heartwarming book that will charm you and challenge you in all the best ways.

When I first read Flash, I fell in love with Rachel’s world. Never did I think the same magic could happen again! Yet Walking with Henry is filled with wit, grace, and beautiful lessons as we watch Rachel and her donkey friends live the life God has given them.

Rachel Anne Ridge has a unique and endearing gift of finding spiritual wisdom in unusual places. A rescued miniature donkey with lots of behavioral baggage arrives during a time of deep personal searching in the author’s life. Rachel’s journey with Henry is a sweet and vulnerable story that will make you smile, think deeply, and ultimately worship our Creator God.

Walking with Henry is a breath of fresh air. Each page is filled with golden nuggets of wisdom that unexpectedly drop into your hand and heart like little gifts wrapped in packages of well-crafted words. If you’ve been looking for a read to snuggle up with, cry with, laugh with, and ultimately grow with—this is it. Rachel Anne Ridge writes the way she lives: full of grace, contagious joy, and a wide-open heart. That’s why I know you’ll enjoy this book as much as I have.

Personal, reflective, practical, and profound. Walking with Henry shows us how the Lord can provide timely, beautiful wisdom from an unlikely and unexpected teacher. Rachel Anne’s words are thought provoking and life giving, the very best kind of medicine for a weary soul.