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Not many are as attuned to both the Bible and the biblical landscape as Professor Menashe Har-El was throughout his long and rich life. From an early age on, Har-El traversed the land of Israel, fascinated by the majestic landscapes he encountered and the treasures of nature that had been provided for humanity to use and enjoy.

In Understanding the Creation, Har-El describes the land he knows so well: the forests, the mountains, the plains, and the hills, as they were when the land was first formed by the primordial tectonic activities that shaped the continents and the seas. From the stark, often daunting peaks of the Negev, to the verdant hills of Galilee and the distribution and uses of the trees and natural vegetation, Har-El leads us, Bible in hand, through that fascinating land of wonders.

This book is helpful for anyone who wants a handy reference guide to the natural world in Bible times. In classic Carta style, it contains full-color illustrations, images, and helpful resources throughout.

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