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The Try Softer Guided Journey is your next step toward wholeness and healing.
Based on the groundbreaking book by trauma-informed therapist Aundi Kolber, the Try Softer Guided Journey is a five-session workbook that will help you grow in self-compassion and grace. Whether you’ve read Try Softer and feel ready to dig deeper into its principles or you’ve been doing this work for a while and are looking for more guided support, the content in these pages is designed to help you engage with and explore your inner world, your creativity, and your hopes for the future.

Easily adapted for either individual or group work, Try Softer Guided Journey provides an empathic foundation for conversation and growth. Trying softer is deep, sacred work. Let this guide be exactly that: a gentle guide, a companion helping you come home to yourself. May it give you profound courage and ground you in goodness with every step.

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