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The Super-Sized books by RoseKidz are perennial favorites of Sunday school teachers, parents, and children’s leaders for a reason. The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities: Exploring Nature for Preschool is intended to help children experience and connect Biblical truths to the wonder of God’s creation in interactive ways. The lessons encourage children to make full use of their senses. Teachers will appreciate the ease in planning the lessons. By gathering basic equipment like clear plastic jars, teachers and volunteers can teach several different nature lessons.

Each lesson includes games, a “Note for Home” to help parents understand what is being taught, songs to help young children remember key truths, and plenty of great activities.

The Super-Sized series provides you with an ENORMOUS number of time-tested, kid-approved activities and games that reinforce Bible lessons and bring the fun back to learning. These one-stop, must-have books are essential for every person teaching children God’s truth.

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