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This fascinating wall chart gives a fantastic summary of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in the second chapter of Daniel—
  • Head of gold Babylon Lion
  • Chest and arms of silver Medo-Persia Bear
  • Middle and thighs of bronze Greece Leopard
  • Legs of iron and feet of iron and clay Rome Beast
In Daniel’s dream, God told Daniel that He would set up a kingdom that would destroy all of the other kingdoms and would never come to an end. Learn about this incredible story at a glance with Rose’s illustrated wall chart!

The illustration of the statue is based on a carving of King Nebuchadnezzar’s successor, Nabonidus, giving you (and those you teach) an accurate representation of the Babylonian style of art. It is also a great reference for all ages. Easy-to-understand text for young people and for people with no Bible background, yet clear and scholarly enough for Bible students and seminarians.

3 Key Features of this Statue in the Book of Daniel Poster

1. Easy-to-See Size and Laminated for Durability

Full color, large Bible wall chart for Bible study, Sunday school or Summer Bible School use. Durable and water resistant (spill proof) - sturdy and unlikely to rip, crease, or wrinkle over time! Size: 19.5” x 26”. Printed on heavy chart paper, and laminated front and back with high quality 3 mil lamination. Perfect for use with water-soluble markers. Rolls for easy storage.

2. Shows the Statue and Dreams Side by Side!

This full-color chart is great for visually presenting the following side by side:
  • An illustration of the statue in Daniel
  • The 2 dreams compared with the 4 kingdoms side by side
  • Scripture references and explanations
3. Easily Teach Your Sunday School with 4 Reproducible Printable Worksheets

The back of the chart is packed with bonus teaching curriculum for review and discussion. Sized for easy copying, you can prepare a lesson in just the push of a button! Enjoy having:
  • A map of the ancient world
  • A background of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar
  • A quiz for your students
  • Fill in the blank charts

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