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This collection features the first three thrillers in The Shepherds series by Andrews & Wilson.

Dark Intercept

On the eve of his medical retirement, Navy SEAL Jedidiah Johnson receives a frantic call from his estranged childhood best friend David Yarnell, whose daughter has been kidnapped. Police have no suspects and no leads. Jed reluctantly agrees to help, but soon dark memories and strange abilities he thought he’d put behind him resurface. To save the missing girl, he must take a leap of faith and embrace gifts he’s denied for years.

Dark Angel
When former Navy SEAL Jedidiah Johnson begins training with the Shepherds, he hears whispers of a name raising fear and anger among them. After years in prison, Nicholas Woland, who betrayed the Shepherds and joined their enemies, has been freed to execute a sinister plot causing hundreds of deaths and inciting worldwide religious warfare. As Woland and the Shepherds race toward a collision, Jed must rely on his untested team, never realizing a secret servant of the enemy is growing closer to him.

Dark Fall
As a new Shepherds team leader, Jedidiah Johnson’s tracking rumors of an energy-based weapon able to incinerate a human target without warning. With help from the Watchers, Jed discovers the Dark Ones’ leader plans to use the weapon to wreak untold damage and destabilize the faith of millions. While Jed and his team race to find and disable the weapon, secret plans for another attack unfold . . . and this target is much closer to home.

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