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The gold standard of Bible atlases! Documenting over 3,000 years of history, The Sacred Bridge is an up-to-date depiction of Biblical history, geography, and archaeology that incorporates ancient Near Eastern sources into the narrative of the Atlas. With impeccable scholarship, this stunning Bible atlas contains full-color maps, pictures, and diagrams that reflect 10 years of research. Every ancient extra-biblical passage is interpreted firsthand, from its native language. Up-to-date archaeological evidence has been included and explained wherever relevant.

Unique features of The Sacred Bridge:
  • Includes chronological overviews of the ancient Near East
  • This is the first Atlas to adopt the modern approach to the study of the Levant as a geographical/historical entity.
  • New Testament geography, especially that of the Gospels, is interpreted in light of new understanding resulting from discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Detailed references to the most recent scholarly works on ancient texts consulted and cited for each period of ancient history.
  • Reasoned proposals for the identification and location of ancient sites.
  • Ecology, Sociology and Geopolitical economy of Ancient Israel and her neighbors emphasized.

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