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Product Description

Can you really learn more about God and find out about fun activities like
  • football
  • cup stacking
  • fencing
  • hockey
  • yo-yo competitions
  • WNBA basketball
  • pancake flipping . . . and more?
Yes, you can catch spiritual truths from sports, games, and crazy competitions. Look inside to find out how!
The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids is filled with fun facts, awesome stories, zany trivia—and some help nurturing your relationship with God. What more could a sports fan want?

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Trim Size:
6 x 9 in.

Exclusive Preview

This devotional is perfect for kids who love sports and who love fun trivia facts about sports, facts about sports heroes, and stories about sports figures who overcame odds and performed the extraordinary. The devotional covers a large variety of sports, including sports both girls and boys will enjoy reading about. From the Polar Bear Club’s New Year’s Day swim to football to yo-yo records, the stories will encourage kids to read this devotion daily. The spiritual insight that connects the trivia to Scripture comes in the “What’s the Score” section. “On the Ball” presents a quick question or phrase to remember, summarizing the point of the devotion. “Coach’s Comment” is the Bible verse.