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Discover how to light up your lukewarm faith with a vibrant passion for Jesus.

Through her online ministry to young women, Jonni Nicole Parsons knows how it feels to attend an event or energizing church service and leave overcome with excitement for God. Then it’s over and a few days go by, and we too often begin living our lives just like before. But what if we didn’t have to? What if we could be fired up for God in a lasting and maintainable way that makes a difference—every single day?

In this workbook companion to Ignited, Jonni helps readers explore:
  • What we are getting wrong in our quest for a sustainable passionate faith
  • Why Jesus is the only true path to the freedom and satisfaction we are craving
  • How to remove the distractions that are keeping us from feeling purposeful for God’s Kingdom
  • What a faith genuinely on fire for God can look like

As you journey through this workbook, recognize that God might be bringing you into a new season. He wants to awaken a deep longing for Him in our hearts and souls in our everyday moments. We were never meant to be lukewarm, and The Ignited Workbook offers a fresh perspective on what it means to live a passionate life for Jesus.

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