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The Humble Life will both encourage and instruct believers in practical ways of walking daily in the path of humility so that we can make an eternal impact on those around us. Given the increasingly volatile and uncivil environment which exists in the world today, has there ever been a timelier season for Christians to adopt an attitude of grace-infused, resilient humility? The Humble Life will equip readers to be present in every situation, every challenge, and every difficulty they face by learning how to abide in Christ even as Christ continues the ongoing work of sanctification within their hearts. This resource will come alongside believers to help them stay faithful to the commands of Christ to love others as ourselves by way of the life-changing spirit of humility.

Through the careful study of how Jesus interacted with his disciples, followers, and even enemies, readers will glean the depths of these lessons on humility as it pertains to daily life. Over and over again, Jesus tells stories and parables from which we can learn how to work out our faith in practical ways, in humble ways. Each story will feature a specific passage from one of the four Gospels where Jesus is speaking. Every chapter will focus on Jesus and his mission, his life, his words, and his way of leading his followers through the steps of humble, loving service to others. These snapshots of Jesus’ interactions with all who met him will serve as a powerful prompt toward developing the habit of humility our go-to model everyday of our lives.

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