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For New Testament students and scholars who want to fully exegete the Septuagint (LXX), this lexicon will be a welcome addition to their libraries. Used in conjunction with the New Testament (NT) lexicon they already possess, The Greek of the Septuagint: A Supplemental Lexicon will bridge the gap with additional information that's needed to translate the Septuagint.

While those who have learned the Greek of the New Testament possess the grammatical skills necessary to read Septuagint Greek, the vocabulary found in the Septuagint differs sufficiently from both NT and Classical Greek to such a degree that a specialized lexicon is essential.

Designed to supplement the BDAG, Chamberlain's lexical expertise provided here, lists definitions and lexical information for more than 5,000 Septuagint words not found in the New Testament, detailed discussions of contextual word meanings, Hebrew equivalents, and mistranslations, variant words not found in standard lexicons, and much more.

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