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2008 ECPA Christian Book Award Winner!
Every problem in life is based on an incorrect view of God. The Discover God Study Bible is the first study Bible specifically designed to address this problem. Every note and feature draws the reader to a deeper understanding of who God is and how He can transform their life. it features an easy-to-use TopicGuide to every major topic and teaching of the Bible.

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I have always admired Dr. Bill Bright and his love for souls. Compiling his wise insights into Scripture into a study Bible was just a natural progression after his passing. The focus of these thorough notes being focusing on God Himself, His nature and our relationship to and with Him is a much-needed focus for today's Christians, who seem to so easily forget the "relationship" side of our walk and focus on the "work" or "service" side of our walk. Thanks for continuing the legacy of a great brother in Christ, servant of God and teacher into a permanent and accessible record--the BIBLE. :) Pastor Tom Vasiliow, Evangelical Friends Church Southwest

I absolutely love this study bible - I use to study with the HSCB then moved to the ESV then proceeded studies in my NLT Discover God. After studying with NLT Discover God my depth of understanding or as we say my discernment grew with my walk and journey in Christ. I am thankful for my prayer partner telling me back in the day to get a NLT because now as a Christian writer I have access to an awesome translation and my manuscripts reflect my new wisdom. Thank you for not grieving the Holy Spirit and publishing this translation and study bible. Peace & Blessings, Author Taiese L Nevels "In Love: The Love Story of God's Will for Us"