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The Book, a contemporary, easy-to-understand Bible, is available in The New Living Translation. The Book is an authoritative yet easy-to-read text that brings the Good News in a fresh format that is engaging for readers of all ages. Designed for someone who is new to the Bible or an unbeliever, The Book features a topical helpfinder, book introductions, and indexes that help people find answers to their questions and better understand God’s Word.

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9.000Text Size Comparison Guide
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5.5 x 8.5 in.

I have read this wonderful book daily since 1999 and it is now virtually in pieces and underscored throughout. I am moving to the Kindle as I am now 71 and my eyesight is not as good as my younger days. So please, please, issue this book in e format that so that I can download to my Kindle and increase the font size for easy reading, God Bless, Kind Regards from Alick De Croos Colombo, Sri Lanka, October, 2013

I love this version of the Bible and am anxious to know when/if it will be available in ebook version

The Book is a great addition to my library, and a resource as I do in-depth studies of the Scriptures. Great resource.

Is this going to be released with audio also. Would love to have it on my iPhone where I can read along with the audio.

This Book is amazing. I could never read more than a couple of versus int he Bible before this Book was given to me I carried it around for years, one day i decided to try to read it. I was blown off my feet I could finally understand Gods word i have not put it down since. I read it everyday and i get lost in it. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME UNDERSTAND GODS WILL FOR ME!!!!!!