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The Book, a contemporary, easy-to-understand Bible is available in the fastest growing Bible translation, the New Living Translation. The Book will impact the hearts and lives of people worldwide through the authoritative yet easy-to-read New Living Translation that brings the Good News alive to readers of all ages. Designed for someone who is new to the Bible or for an unbeliever, The Book features a topical helpfinder, book introductions, and indexes that help people understand God's Word.

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March 1, 1999
Text Size:
9.000Text Size Comparison Guide
Trim Size:
5.5 x 8.5 in.

I have read this wonderful book daily since 1999 and it is now virtually in pieces and underscored throughout. I am moving to the Kindle as I am now 71 and my eyesight is not as good as my younger days. So please, please, issue this book in e format that so that I can download to my Kindle and increase the font size for easy reading, God Bless, Kind Regards from Alick De Croos Colombo, Sri Lanka, October, 2013

I love this version of the Bible and am anxious to know when/if it will be available in ebook version

The Book is a great addition to my library, and a resource as I do in-depth studies of the Scriptures. Great resource.

Is this going to be released with audio also. Would love to have it on my iPhone where I can read along with the audio.

This Book is amazing. I could never read more than a couple of versus int he Bible before this Book was given to me I carried it around for years, one day i decided to try to read it. I was blown off my feet I could finally understand Gods word i have not put it down since. I read it everyday and i get lost in it. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME UNDERSTAND GODS WILL FOR ME!!!!!!