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Uncover the mysteries of the Bible with bestselling children’s author Amy Parker and apologist Doug Powell as they team up to answer some of the biggest questions kids have about the Bible and theology.

The Big Book of Bible Questions addresses kids’ toughest Bible questions with theologically sound answers in a way that is relatable and engaging. It’s filled with fun facts, debunking of common misconceptions, and explanations of biblical and theological concepts. With eye-catching illustrations and real-life photos, this book will not only answer a kid’s Bible questions big and small, but it will also encourage spiritual conversations and a lifelong love of learning about the glory and wonder of faith, the Bible, and God.

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7 x 10 in.

Exclusive Preview

Powell, a veteran of adult apologetics, teams up with Christian children's author Parker (Night Night, Zoo, illustrated by Virginia Allyn, 2019, etc.) for this colorful compendium of Bible questions. Starting with basic theology presented in accessible language and engaging illustrations, the authors progress through the Old and New Testaments, answering questions that follow along with the traditional Christian ordering of the books of the Bible. Though more-difficult passages and characters from the source text are glossed over, the authors do an admirable job of presenting Bible stories and doctrinal teaching in a way that is kid-friendly and leaves room for questions the text does not have a firm answer for. Because of this deft flexibility while remaining true to the canon, this book will have broad appeal in a variety of homes and for those curious to learn about core concepts of Christian theology. The pitying attitude expressed toward adherents of non-Christian beliefs, set opposite photographs of an Indian bharatanatyam dancer, a Buddhist monk, a woman in niqab, a child in a kippah, and a professorial-looking white man (a representative atheist?), among others, makes plain its evangelical roots, however. While Tempest's illustrations depict diverse believers, most artwork featured is from Western traditions, and several Bible characters appear white rather than Middle Eastern even though the text explicitly points out these origins of the Bible stories. There is no backmatter. Many Christian families will want to make room on the shelves for this big book.