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God’s Love through Tough Times
Every day, Christians are tortured because of their faith in Jesus Christ. In more than 50 countries, being a Christian means being persecuted. The lives of persecuted Christians have much to teach us about how God gives courage, peace, and even joy through life’s toughest storms. This pamphlet gives 6 lessons we can learn from the persecuted Church and includes six amazing stories of believers who faced incredible hardship.

You’ll find out where Christians are being persecuted and how you can pray for them . . .
  • In North Korea, Christians are sent to labor camps to starve or be killed.
  • In Saudi Arabia, many Christians have been arrested or killed in honor killings by their own families.
  • In Iran, Christians are discriminated against and cannot find or keep jobs
Their lives are on the line every day—yet they are joyous. They have courage. They have peace.

What is the secret to being strong in the storm? Persecuted Christians want you to know: They are just like you—faithful, flawed, human. Yet they know about standing firm for Christ. Now you can hear their stories, and learn to know God better during times of suffering.

Learn how to apply these lessons of faith, strength, and forgiveness to our own lives. This pamphlet is perfect for a 6-week Bible study or discussion group for adults.

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